It’s come full circle

Closing ceremony today was very similar to what we have at BHS including all of the emotions.

20140526-184609.jpgEveryone gave speech and our families were there, it was a nice way to wrap it up after packing our books and study materials.  After lunch we took some last photos of the empty classroom and all went our separate ways, home to finalize/start packing.

20140526-184700.jpgOne last photo with the Gaoxin students.

20140526-184723.jpgAs the title mentions we have come full circle; yesterday we went out to lunch with students from 3 years ago, this past fall, and, the youngest of the bunch, the ones that will be coming to America in a few months (students from 2 years ago had class, yes it was Sunday). It was great to be able to sit and meet these students, as well as have them be able to talk to  students from years past.  The teacher is a very enthusiastic lady and is really excited to be part of this continuing adventure.

-Mr. W


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