Fujian #2

Whole bunch of random photographs from the students and dinner in Xiamen

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5tcqUHJvPo20140507_152124_Richtone(HDR)Unknown location…but having fun regardless20140507_201943Pretty awesome place to spend your birthday DSC_0053 TuluoDSC_0170 Quick game of cardsDSC_0351 One of the bamboo raft guides, who was incredibly entertaining, even when he was running off the boat to go pee.DSC_0377 Our incredibly fun and relaxing  float down the riverP1040169 I don’t know why diego looks so mean, hes really a nice kidP1040172 A graveyard on Gulangyu, island next to Xiamen, perfect setting for a horror movie.P1040206 I don’t know why there are so many pictures of Amir, it must be his impeccable style.wuyi Climbing one of the mountains in WuyiP1040181 Probably one of the greatest experience of the trip.  While waiting in Xiamen for our train to Wuyishan the students set up our travel mahjong set to play a few games.  In no time at all, there was a crowd of Chinese gathered around, tapping them, pointing at tiles, yelling in their ears, and giving them all sorts of advice.  Again taking the train is the best, because you are with the average citizen, and have time to build a relationship and talk; planes are too fast and full of people that have no interest in reaching out.  If you ever travel in China, or anywhere with trains, hard sleeper (6 beds not private) is the way to go. -Mr. W


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